How to Uninstall BlogFeeder

If you decide to uninstall BlogFeeder, we are certainly sorry to see you go! If you wouldn't mind taking a second to fill us in on why the app is no longer right for you, we would definitely love to hear your feedback! You can let us know here.

In order to uninstall BlogFeeder, you need to remove the app from your Shopify store. First, go to "Apps" and click on the " X" next to BlogFeeder:

Second, on the pop-up that says "Remove BlogFeeder?", click Delete:

Since BlogFeeder is billed through Shopify, you won't need to separately cancel billing. Depending on where you are in your billing cycle, you may see one final charge on your next Shopify bill, but then billing will be cancelled completely. This is entirely handled by Shopify, so it's not something the app can access or change.

Posts that have been imported with the app will remain, but any synchronized feeds will no longer continue to import posts.

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