How to import from Instagram

BlogFeeder can import photos from Instagram based on tags or for a particular user!

Importing a Users Photos

To import photos by user, add a feed with a URL like the following:{username}

For example, we've imported Shopify's Instagram feed into our demo store using:

This can let you share your own photos within a blog on your site. Any hashtags added to the photos will be imported as Shopify blog tags.

Importing Photos by Hashtag

To import photos by hashtag, add a feed with a URL like this:{tag_name}

For instance, lets say we want to import all photos that are tagged with  #shopstorm into our Shopify blog. We'd use this as the URL to do so:

This can be a great way to reach out to customers and feature their photos on your blog as posts! BlogFeeder will find and import any Instagram photos with this tag, regardless of which user posts them. If you'd like to delete a particular picture later, you can simply delete the post that was imported for that photo.

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