Does BlogFeeder Import my Images?

Unfortunately there's no way for us to import images using the Shopify API, as apps can only use capabilities provided by Shopify. This means that images must remain on your old blog, as we have nowhere to import them.

BlogFeeder will embed and link to these images so that they're still included in your posts, but we can't import them into your Shopify store (this would also use up a lot of your storage!). We recommend that you do not delete your old blog; instead, we recommend doing one of the following:

  1. Unpublish all of your blog posts after importing with BlogFeeder, but leave the images and site up so that BlogFeeder can link to these images from your posts. This way, you can remove canonical tags and keep your Shopify blog as the original source of content without losing these images.
  2. If you use WordPress, you could import your site to a free blog, then import to Shopify using BlogFeeder. This will let you keep your images here, and BlogFeeder will link to them. You can then unpublish all posts.
  3. If you want to delete your old blog completely, we recommend working with a developer to migrate your images to a different image hosting service, then setting up 301 redirects for image URLs to their new location so the imported image URLs are not broken.

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