How to include WordPress featured images

By default WordPress blog RSS feeds won't include any featured image set on your posts. To add the featured image (if any) to the beginning of each RSS post entry, you will need to customize the functions.php file for your active WordPress theme:

  1. Log into your WordPress admin
  2. Click "Appearance" and then "Editor"
  3. Click "Theme Functions (functions.php)" to edit your functions.php for your current theme
  4. add the following snippet to the bottom of that file and click "Update File"
    1. Note: If your functions.php ends with a ?> you must place the code snippet above that ?>

As shown in the below screenshot:

Important Note: the above applies only to users of as the free accounts do not allow theme editing.

If your website doesn't have the "Editor" menu item, your host may disable this capability. Instead, we recommend using the free Code Snippets plugin to insert this code into instead.

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