How often are posts imported or updated?

BlogFeeder checks your imported blog for new and updated posts every 10-60 minutes. Please note that your initial import will bring in five posts so you can check format and make any changes if needed, and then the rest of the import will run in about an hour, and include any and all posts that BlogFeeder can find.

Once imported BlogFeeder checks for updates to posts published within the past year and will update the imported Shopify posts to reflect any changes made to your original blog post. BlogFeeder monitors for new posts made on your external blog as well.
As long as a blog isn't currently being imported, you can always perform an immediate import by logging into your Shopify Admin, clicking on the BlogFeeder App (found under "Apps") and clicking "Synchronize" next to the RSS feed you wish to import:
If you are experiencing issues with a delayed import time (in excess of the one hour time frame) or your posts are not importing at all, please submit a  support request and we will be happy to help!

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