What to do if Blog Posts Only Show Excerpts

BlogFeeder may only show excerpts of your blog when the RSS/Atom feed you are trying to import is truncated or cut off. Since BlogFeeder pulls in your blog using the imported blog's RSS/Atom feed, it can only access the content you've made available in the feed itself.

Feeds are often intentionally truncated to encourage people who read their blogs from apps such as Google Reader to "click-through" and visit their blog instead.  In order for BlogFeeder to pull in the entire content of your site, your feed needs to be not truncated. You can usually do this in the settings section of your hosted blog
For example, you can do this in WordPress via "Settings > Reading" and set "For each article in a feed, show" to " Full text":

Alternatively, your Shopify theme may be limiting the display of the posts. You can verify this by viewing the post in your Shopify admin – if it is full-length in your Shopify admin, but not when you view it on the frontend of your Shopify store, it is a limitation of your theme.
To fix this issue, you will need to go to your Shopify Admin, and in the Shopify theme editor find the file called blog.liquid. In there, you will need to change the line of code that looks something like this:
{{ article.content | strip_html | truncate: 20 }}, to this: {{ article.content }}

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