Wishl Pricing

View your current plan and change plans in the app's Account & Billing section.
Plan Price / month Max. new wishlists / month Reminders sent / month
Basic $7.99 1,000 0
Basic + Reminders $9.99 2,000 1,000
Big $17.99 4,000 2,000
Bigger $29.99 12,000 6,000
High Volume $49.99 30,000 15,000

Wishlist and reminder email thresholds are calculated within the monthly 30-day billing period, starting on the date your shop is billed, after your 15-day free trial.

Maximum new wishlists / month

  • Each new wishlist created counts, including multiple lists under a single customer account.
  • Deleted wishlists are excluded from the calculation.

Reminders sent / month

  • Only emails that were sent out are counted.
  • When a customer creates multiple wishlists, each reminder sent will be counted.

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