I Deleted My Posts and Now They Won't Import

BlogFeeder will flag posts that are deleted in Shopify as "deleted" and won't import them on subsequent synchronizations. Overall this is a good thing so that posts that are no longer desired in Shopify don't continue to be imported every time it syncs, but it causes confusion when a merchant is trying to "restart" their import.

How to remove all posts and "restart" your import


In your Shopify admin, navigate to 'Online Store' > 'Blog Posts' > 'Manage Blogs' and delete the blog you would like to re-do the import for.

Important Note: This will remove all blog posts associated with that blog. If there are any posts that have been updated or that won't be added when we re-sync BlogFeeder, contact support for help.


Navigate to 'Apps' > 'BlogFeeder' > {your feed} and 'Delete this feed'


Add your feed once again in BlogFeeder and run the sync

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