Installing Wishl

Check out the video on the Wishl app listing page to see the app installation in action.

  1. Install and authorize the app for your Shopify shop.
  2. Next, auto-install the snippet into your shop’s theme with one click. Wait for confirmation.
  3. Paste the snippet tag where you want the Add to Wishlist link/button to show in the theme's product.liquid template.

Done! Every product page in your shop will now have "Add to Wishlist” (or whatever label you choose).

Heads up! Some themes keep the "Add to Cart" form and button in a separate file from product.liquid. In that case, look in the Snippets folder for a file named product-form, short-form or similar. Or look in the Sections folder for a file named product-template.

You can install the app snippet again at any time and for any theme in your shop. Simply visit the Install Into Theme section of the app.

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