Email Reminders

Automatically email customers a reminder after they create a wishlist.

A wishlist email reminder is a simple message to remind customers that they have saved a wishlist in your shop. Once a customer has started a wishlist and created a customer account, you have the opportunity to bring them back to your shop. The email reminder will list the items your customer has added to their wishlist and link to a page in your shop where they can view their saved products' details.

Please note, Wishl can only send email reminders to wishlists saved to a customer account. There is no email address associated with a wishlist until it is saved to a customer account.


Log in to the app and click Email Reminders. To activate email reminders, complete the following steps:

  1. Activate a plan that includes email reminders.
  2. Create your email reminder template.
  3. Turn sending on after checking your reminder settings.

When are Email Reminders sent?

The app will schedule an email reminder when:

  • A customer is logged in to your shop and creates a new wishlist
  • A shopper creates a new wishlist and later logs into their customer account

When it's time to send an email reminder, Wishl runs a pre-delivery checklist to ensure that reminder should be sent. Only one email reminder can be sent to a customer in any 24-hour period. Subsequent reminders are rescheduled 24 hours later.

All of these conditions must be met at the time of sending:

  • Sending is ON in your shop's reminder settings
  • The associated wishlist contains at least one item available for purchase
  • At least one of the available list items has not been purchased by the customer since the wishlist was created

Any of these will cause a reminder to be cancelled:

  • Sending is OFF in your shop's reminder settings
  • The associated wishlist has been deleted
  • The customer has unsubscribed from wishlist reminders
  • The wishlist is empty
  • None of the saved items are available for purchase (e.g. out of stock)
  • The customer has purchased all of the items on the associated wishlist

Customer Privacy

We take customer privacy very seriously. Wishl will only send email reminders to customers with an account registered in your shop and only on behalf of your shop. This is evidenced in the email From header. You can change the From and Reply-to email headers in your reminder template. These are set to your shop's name and your customer service email address by default.

Email reminders are sent only when the reminders Sending setting is ON. Sending is OFF by default. You must set up your shop's reminder template before you are able to activate this feature.

Should you decide to remove the app, all sensitive customer information (emails, names) will be deleted from our database.

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