Wishl FAQ

Frequently asked questions by shop owners and administrators.

How does the app remember the user's wishlist when they return to see their favorites, if they haven't registered an account?

A cookie is placed on their web browser and used to retrieve the list. The cookie expires 90 days after the last time the visitor viewed a product page or the favorites wishlist page.

What if that same customer saved a Wishlist on his phone browser, then later switched to another device such as a laptop, will that Wishlist still show up on the laptop?

The customer must log in to their shop account on their phone and return to the wishlist page to save that list. Then they may retrieve the list on the laptop or any other device by logging in again.

What happens to the favorites wishlist after the cookie expires?

The list remains saved by the app and can still be viewed using the shared link. However, if the shopper has not saved it by logging into their customer account in the shop, they will no longer have access to adding to or deleting from that list.

Does this app support multiple wishlists?

Yes. Shoppers can have multiple lists when logged in to a customer account at your shop. They can rename their lists, add an item to any of their lists, and move items between those lists.

Is there any coding involved in installing or basic customization of the app?

During installation, you'll paste a snippet where you want the button to show in your shop's product template. Very basic, with simple steps shown in the app. Many options can be customized in the app preferences, such as button text, font size, icon, and icon color. Some things beyond basic customization will require knowledge of HTML/CSS.

If I want to uninstall the app, is it a simple matter of clicking uninstall or will I have to manually remove code?

All you have to do is remove the app from the Apps section of your Shopify admin with one click. Any app code added to your shop's theme won't display once the app is gone, and you can remove it from your shop's theme easily.

Why does the Add to Wishlist link load after the other elements in the product page appear?

After page load, a 1-3 seconds delay before you see the wishlist adder link/button is normal. Shopify's app guidelines recommend this behavior in order to avoid slowing down loading the main shop content.

First, the app's script must load after the page itself has loaded and displayed to the shopper. Then it must fetch your shop's preferences and wishlist info from the app server.

Note that if you have many other apps installed that also run scripts on the frontend, they may push Wishl's script to the back of the queue and cause it to take longer than usual to load. This delay can happen to any other app's script, as well.

Can I change the color for the wishlist button icon?

Yes. You can change the icon colors in the app preferences.

Does this app send reminder emails to the people who create a wishlist?

Yes. You must set up email reminders and turn sending on. Log in to the app under your Shopify admin and click the Email Reminders link. Note that you may need to upgrade your monthly plan in the process.

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