Add Wishl to Quick View / Quick Shop Form

This document is included as a courtesy to aide developers in customizations related to Wishl. You should be familiar with HTML and liquid to implement the changes listed below.

In some themes, quick view will automatically show the Wishl adder button after you install the snippet into the product form (snippets/product-form.liquid or snippets/short-form.liquid).

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the wishl-wishlist.liquid snippet installed in your theme. Please visit the Install Into Theme section the app and click Install Snippet.
  2. In the Shopify admin, go into Edit HTML/CSS mode for your theme and look for the theme file for quick views under Snippets or Templates. It usually has quick in the file name: quick-lookquick-shop, or product.quick
  3. In the quick view file, insert {% include 'wishl-wishlist', wishl_adder: 'quickview' %} where you want the adder button/link to show.

    Certain themes use a form snippet to display the add to cart form. In that case, ensure that  {% include 'wishl-wishlist' %}is in the product form snippet file. Then, add , wishl_adder: 'quickview' to the end of the include tag for that form in the quick view file, for example: {% include 'product-form', wishl_adder: 'quickview' %}

  4. Save the quick view file and check it in your shop.
  5. Note: if the above does not work or specially if you use an app to provide quick view functionality, then a more customized implementation may be required to add to wishlist from quick view. Contact me using the email link in the app footer.

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