Wishl Stats

How to read product and list statistics provided by the app.

The List Stats page lets you see list statistics filtered by a date range. It provides a few key metrics:

  • Lists Created: # of lists created in your shop. Excludes empty lists.
  • Items Added: Items added to lists during the selected date range. Each time a product is added to a list, it counts as list item, even it's a different variant.
  • Avg. Items Added per List: Average items added per list.
  • Customer Lists: # of lists associated with customer accounts.
  • Known Conversions: Orders having one or more wishlist items present in the purchaser's list. 

Please note, conversions are only tracked for lists saved to customer accounts. Conversion tracking began on August 30, 2016.

Beneath the List Stats is a table listing each product that was added to at least one list during the selected date range. To the right of each product is the number of lists it was added to. If a product has more than one variant, then each variant will be displayed nested under the parent product. Clicking on a product title will take you to its edit screen in the Shopify admin.

If your shop has many products in wishlists, use the pagination underneath the products table to navigate additional details.

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