Add Wishl to your Main Menu

Make it easy for shoppers to access their wishlist from any page in your online store by adding a link to your site's main navigation.

View these instructions tailored to your shop by visiting the Install Into Theme section of the app.
  1. From your Shopify admin, navigate to Sales Channels > Online Store > Navigation
  2. Click Edit Menu next to the menu you'd like to edit (e.g. "Main Menu")
  3. Click the Add menu item button on the left
  4. Type in the link name (e.g. "Wishlist" or "Favorites")
  5. Select "Web Address" from the pulldown. A text field will appear to the right.
  6. Paste the wishlist page URL into this text field. This is typically /a/wishl-wishlist or /pages/wishl-wishlist
  7. Click Save
  8. Navigate to your shop's home page to verify the menu item was created and linked correctly.
  9. Optionally, repeat the above steps to add a link to other menus in your online shop (e.g. "Footer")

For more detailed help, see Shopify's instructions on quickly adding a navigation link to your shop.

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