Why isn't my bar displaying as expected?

We're so sorry to hear our app is giving you trouble! Here are a few quick troubleshooting steps.

Bar not displaying as expected?

New bars (or changes to existing bars) may take a few seconds to appear in your shop. Try waiting a minute and refreshing your page. Updates still not appearing? Confirm your bar is active. 

Is your bar active?

Once you've created a Shipping Bar, it is saved as Draft by default. The Shipping Bar must be activated in order to display in your storefront.

Doesn't look right?

Shipping Bar has been designed to be compatible with most themes. If you are having display issues, we may need to add a bit of extra code to make sure everything is up and running and looking great.

Still having trouble?

Is your bar overlapping with your menu or navigation? Is it working for desktops but looks funny on mobile devices? We can help.

Open a  support request. Our team is eager to help!

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