How to Uninstall

If you decide to uninstall a ShopStorm app for any reason, you may do so by following this step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit your Apps page, accessible from the bottom lefthand side of your Shopify Admin:

   2. Click the " X" next to the app you're uninstalling:

   3. A pop-up will appear that reads " Remove [App Name] ?", click Delete:

4. An optional step is to remove any app related code from your theme's files. If you would like assistance in completing this step, please  contact us.

Since our apps are billed through Shopify, uninstalling will cancel your subscription. Depending on where you are in your billing cycle, you may see one final charge on your next Shopify bill.

Lastly, if you wouldn't mind taking a second to fill us in on why the app is no longer right for you, we would love to hear your feedback!  You can let us know here.

Still seeing the Shipping Bar after uninstalling the app? Our app's processors will likely properly remove the bar after a short while, however if you would like to force the bar to be removed, check out our guide on how to remove the code

Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us