How to Add Additional Content and Scripts

In your Shopify admin > Checkout settings ( /admin/settings/checkout), there is an “Additional Content & Scripts” textarea box. This box allows you to interface with the "Thank You" page. Happy Checkout does not place any code inside this box by default.

This box is very descriptively named because it does indeed accept both content (HTML and Plain Text) as well as scripts (JavaScript). If you place anything inside this box that is considered content it naturally shows up on the "Thank You" page. We recommend using this for Google Analytics tracking codes so these will be accurate if Happy Checkout is ever uninstalled or disabled temporarily (for example, if you edit your layout).

When the "Additional Content & Scripts" box is empty, the checkout is normal and Happy Checkout runs fine.

If the "Additional Content & Scripts" box contains an HTML comment, this little bit of code can have repercussions on the "Thank You" page. The page will display another box under the General module. If you’d like to get rid of this box, use this code inside your advanced / CSS box.

div#additional-content {

The "Additional Content & Scripts" box can also contain an HTML anchor link that connects the customer to a page where they can download some fictional content they purchased through your shop.

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